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Our Story

Indico is a venture-backed startup making the application of machine learning practical in the enterprise. Our focus is on helping to automate tedious back-office tasks, improving the efficiency of labor-intensive document-based workflows, and extracting valuable insights from your unstructured content, including text and images.
Our breakthrough in solving these challenges is an approach known as transfer learning, which allows us to train machine learning models with orders of magnitude less data than required by traditional content analysis techniques. With indico, enterprises are now able to benefit from the dramatic advantages of machine learning at a fraction of the time.

Use Cases

Supercharge Your Document Workflows and Business Processes

Time consuming, expensive, and error prone document workflows mean lost opportunity, increased risk, and frustrated customers. Indico’s breakthrough in deep learning transforms your documents into opportunities:

  • Automated contract analysis
  • RFP analysis and enhancement
  • Risk & Compliance analysis
  • Knowledge Management & Cognitive Search

Unlock the Hidden Value Within Your Content

You have gold hiding inside your content, but how to unlock it with a scalable and cost effective approach? Indico’s practical approach to deep learning surfaces the value trapped within your content so your products and services can stand out from the competition.

  • Business Insight and Content Analysis
  • Customer Feedback and Sentiment Analysis
  • Content Classification & Enrichment
  • Sales Opportunity Prospecting

The Indico Advantage

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